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How We Are Different


We don't place students in a program. We build a program tailored to the needs of each student. A science-based, individualized plan is developed for each student and delivered in the context of a student-teacher relationship built on love, compassion, and unwavering positive regard.

Each student's customized curriculum is based on findings from an in-depth, holistic evaluation of four key domains: neurodevelopmental and physiological function, academic levels and learning style, and emotional, behavioral, and social development. Each individualized curriculum is composed of dozens of specific daily interventions spanning the four domains and implemented with precise frequency, intensity and duration. The goal is to optimize the individual's strengths while addressing any weaknesses. As a result, each day brings new opportunities to build neural pathways using a tailor-made protocol for every student.

Students receive one-on-one instruction from our devoted, skilled teaching staff, and student progress is continually evaluated, with ongoing modifications to each student's personalized plan as needed. Data is rigorously collected, and detailed progress reports are provided twice per year. In addition progress can be shown through a brain map. Students are reevaluated on a frequent basis to make adjustments in their protocols as brain development is constantly occurring.

In addition, a variety of opportunities are provided for social growth and development through group interactions, field trips, art exhibits, and physical activities. The school also utilizes innovative therapies that enhance neurodevelopment, including neurofeedback therapy and Integrated Listening Systems. Addressing all four domains, the Jacob's Ladder approach produces miraculous results in the cognitive, physiological, academic, social/emotional/behavioral development of our students.