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Individuals with any neurobiological challenge can benefit from our trademarked and internationally recognized Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care®.

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Serving Pre-K - 12th

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IWBMC™ Evaluation and Assessment


What is the IWBMC™ Evaluation and why is it so important?

Our evaluation appointments are often booked 2 – 4 months in advance, so if you would like to schedule an evaluation, please contact us as soon as possible to schedule.


Jacob’s Ladder offers various programs and additional therapeutic services. Because our programs are highly individualized, pricing varies per program and depends on your child’s individual needs and the level of care that will most effectively help them.

Financial Aid

Families who attend Jacob’s Ladder for on-campus programming at either our Roswell or Buckhead locations are encouraged to learn more about and apply for the following financial aid options:

SB-10 is available to clients up to 22 years of age and can be used toward full-time programming at Jacob’s Ladder (part-time programming is ineligible). The most common way to attain SB-10 eligibility is by enrolling in the Georgia public school system and establishing an IEP. Alternatively, families can establish SB-10 eligibility by completing the HB-70 Medical Waiver process, detailed in the link below.

If you are already eligible for SB-10 funding, please visit the following link: SB-10 Funding Calculator and take a screenshot of your child’s SB-10 Funding Calculator results.
If you are not yet eligible for SB-10 funding and intend to submit an HB-70 Waiver to establish eligibility, you may begin this process by submitting your waiver request through the following link: HB 70 Waiver, Option 6.

GOAL can be used yearly until your child turns 22 toward full-time programming at Jacob’s Ladder (part-time programming is ineligible).

To be eligible to apply for the GOAL Scholarship, clients must be between 4 and 9 years old or transitioning to Jacob’s Ladder directly from a public school setting. Jacob’s Ladder will partner with families who wish to apply to determine individual eligibility.

The GOAL Scholarship is funded by individuals and organizations that redirect their tax dollars to Jacob’s Ladder through GOAL. Although donations cannot be designated to a specific client, we ask that all GOAL recipients assist with spreading information to friends and family to ensure the fund is sustainable year after year.

Please visit the GOAL website for additional information on this program: GOAL – For Parents
The New Options Waiver Program (NOW) and Comprehensive Supports Waiver Program (COMP) are administered through Medicaid. Some components of Jacob’s Ladder programming can be funded under the NOW/COMP codes CAI and CAG, which intend to contribute to the programming costs that target independence skills and community-based intervention. Medicaid Waiver Programs

In addition to the above options, minimal Jacob’s Ladder scholarships are available for enrolled students. Financial aid awards are made based on financial need, a family’s motivation and commitment to Jacob’s Ladder, active participation and engagement, and the reasonable expectation of a client’s success in the program. The Financial Aid Committee approves the amount of financial aid. Each family who receives financial aid should expect to pay some tuition, as no full-tuition awards are currently available.

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