AHAVA Giving Challenge

Fundraising Update

We would like to thank all of the generous donors who have helped us make it this far – currently, we have raised 75% of our funding needs to launch AHAVA. We have raised $1.675M of $2.245M, with a remaining need of $600,000.

The Call for Support

We are thrilled to announce that three very generous champions of Jacob's Ladder have issued a significant challenge. They are providing a dollar-for-dollar match up to $300,000 to close the gap for our funding needs. This will allow us to launch AHAVA and hire a program manager for the first year.

During the month of October, every gift up to $300,000 will be matched dollar-for-dollar. We will provide weekly updates on progress toward the goal.

Help us complete the AHAVA platform and transform the lives of millions of children and young adults all over the globe who are navigating life with brain-based challenges.

During October, every gift up to $300,000 will be matched dollar for dollar.

Jacob's Ladder Student Painting

Original artwork for $10,000 giving partners.

Gifts for your contribution

$10,000 Gifts:

Donors who give at the $10,000 level will receive an original artwork like the one pictured here. Each multidimensional piece is hand-painted and layered with vibrant cut-outs of handprints of our current students, staff, and clients at Jacob’s Ladder. There are various canvas sizes, from smaller works to extra-large statement pieces, to choose from. Every piece contains handprints of those whose lives your generosity has made a difference in.


Will receive a print of an original artwork created by Jacob’s Ladder students, staff and clients.


A set of stationary and a box of Sunflower cookies, made by Jacob’s Ladder clients.


A box of sunflower cookies made by Jacob’s Ladder’s clients.

Up to $500:

A Jacob’s Ladder sticker and sunflower cookies made by Jacob’s Ladder clients.

AHAVA is our comprehensive online platform that houses and facilitates The IWBMC (our educational model) on a global scale. Through AHAVA, trained providers, evaluators, and clinicians have a comprehensive solution to evaluate clients, design individualized programs, and implement therapeutic interventions. AHAVA houses 1,321 assessment metrics and over 4,000 corresponding interventions to create a path and plan for individuals with unique needs.

Help us finish AHAVA and reach the millions of children and young adults navigating life with brain-based challenges around the globe.

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