The future of Therapeutic Support for Brain-Based Challenges is AHAVA.


AHAVA is a digital platform that provides access to the science behind our groundbreaking methodology, the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care®(IWBMC™), on a global scale.

The IWBMC™ harnesses the extraordinary ability of the brain to heal and develop new capacities at any age. This healing and development can occur despite challenges from various causes, such as autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, acquired brain injury, genetic syndromes, or neuropsychiatric diagnoses resulting in emotional-behavioral-relational complexities.

Through  AHAVA, trained professionals have a comprehensive platform to:

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Unlock the IWBMC™’s powerful array of interventions serving hundreds of diagnoses to create a path and plan for individuals with unique needs.

AHAVA Technical Features

AHAVA exists to equip and inspire caregivers of individuals with neurobiological delays or disorders with both the hope and tangible pathway to facilitate transformation.

AHAVA Pricing

Client Information Integration

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per user


Starting a
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Starting a
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Starting a
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Customer Relationship Management System
Document Sharing with Employees, Families, and External Professionals
Parent Portal
External Professional Integration Portal
Emotional-Behavioral-Relational Strategies Generator*
Individualized Weekly Schedule (IWS) Execution and Data Tracking
Intervention Training Videos and Written Tutorials
Supply List Generator
IWBMC™ Evaluation Profile and Report Generator
IWS Program Generator
IWBMC™ Intervention Continuum (4,000+ interventions)
Client Enrollment and Registration Tools
Medical Protocol and Client Summary Generator
Schedule Management System
Client Progress Dashboard*

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The IWBMC™ is a revolutionary approach based on the scientific principle of neuroplasticity to help you and those you love to reach their full potential – changing the conversation from the impossible to the possible.

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