The future of Therapeutic Support for Brain-Based Challenges is AHAVA

AHAVA is a comprehensive, online training, assessment & evaluation platform

AHAVA is a digital platform that provides access to the science behind our groundbreaking model of care, the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care™ (IWBMC), on a global scale.

The IWBMC harnesses the extraordinary ability of the brain to heal and develop new capacities at any age. This healing and development can occur despite challenges from various causes – autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, acquired brain injury, genetic syndromes, or neuropsychiatric diagnoses resulting in emotional-behavioral-relational complexities.

Through  AHAVA, trained providers and evaluators have a comprehensive platform to:

  • Evaluate clients
  • Design individualized programs
  • Implement therapeutic interventions
  • Integrate parent communication through the Parent Portal
  • Maintain a Schedule Management System
  • Utilize a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Access IWBMC trainings

Evaluation. Intervention. Data collection. Progress tracking.

Unlock the IWBMC's powerful array of interventions serving hundreds of diagnoses to create a path and plan for individuals with unique needs.

Assessment metric base of over 1,321 evaluation measures with an automatic report generator

Database of over 4,000 therapeutic interventions for individualized program design

Ability to collect and compare data and progress


Early Screening Assessment for each diagnostic area starting at eight weeks of age

Societal Aggression Assessment to address early detection and intervention as global incidence rates continue to rise

Comprehensive CRM to house all historical information allowing for multi-user accessibility and connectivity


Training Opportunities

Foundational Training

Parents, Caregivers, or Professionals

Learn the core components and strategies within the IWBMC™ to engage with and educate individuals with neurodiverse needs more effectively.

Provider Training

Professionals and Caregivers

Training in the IWMBC to implement individualized programming in educational or therapeutic settings. Intensive training on:

  • Common diagnoses served within the model
  • IWBMC™ brain-based methodology
  • Programmatic interventions
  • Physiological factors
  • Emotional-behavioral-relational strategies       
  • Data tracking
  • Educational classroom support
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • And more

Evaluator Training


Training in the IWBMC to evaluate and implement individualized programming in educational or therapeutic settings. Includes all components of the Provider training, plus:

  • Additional insight into brain areas affected by the various diagnoses
  • In-depth training on the IWBMC evaluation process and assessment metrics
  • Introduction to qEEG brain mapping and instructions on how to use the accompanying AHAVA software

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