Our Approach

Transforming Lives Through the Union of Science and Love.


It's about the whole person, not just a diagnosis.

We support the goals and desires of each individual, removing barriers to success.

Our unique approach includes 1,321 assessment metrics, and a qEEG brain map (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) that measures electrical activity in the form of brain wave patterns.

We create individualized plans with brain-based interventions and guidelines for physiological health, including nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and other essential markers of balanced health and wellness.

Integrating the plan across all caregivers and settings supports self-regulation and strategies for creating lasting positive change in emotional-behavioral-relational health.

Attention to learning styles and social interaction opportunities supports academic success and future independence.

Safe social environments with strong interpersonal connections enable the brain to achieve learning and new growth, preventing fight, flight, or freeze trauma responses.

Why Jacob’s Ladder

Our intensive strategies are delivered by a loving and devoted team within safe and nurturing environments, enabling profound growth and achieving unbounded potential.

  • Client-centered individualized programs 
  • Scientifically proven results
  • Safe, loving, and natural environments
  • Unconditional positive regard for clients
  • Wraparound support for families, including future planning
  • Partnership with healthcare and other professionals
  • Consistent progress reporting and communication with concrete data points
  • Flexibility within our learning settings to meet each client's unique needs
  • Over three decades of building success and facilitating growth for our clients

Community of Care

Client achievements can be translated to the home successfully, with the encouraging Jacob's Ladder community providing education, strategies, nurturing support, and guidance for families.

"Hope is a sustaining, motivating, and healing force in the lives of those touched by special needs, and the people of Jacob's Ladder provide it in abundance."

- Leah B., Ladder Parent

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Jacob's Ladder School & Therapy Centers
Roswell (Main Campus) & Atlanta (Buckhead)
407 Hardscrabble Road
Roswell, Georgia 30075

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