The Compass Beyond Environment

The Compass Beyond Student

Compass Beyond is specifically designed for older students who are looking for educational planning, vocational training, community enrichment, and home life readiness.


Students at Compass Beyond are typically diagnosed with:

  • Developmental disorder

  • Autism

  • Genetic Conditions

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Learning or Language Delay

Vocational Training

We offer a variety of different vocational training opportunities to expose our students to an array of possible vocations that allow for generalization and practice of learned skills. Both on and off-campus vocational experiential learning opportunities are available with continued monitoring of progress and goal achievement. Vocational skills such as joint attention, communication, social skills, time management, independence with tasks, and following a sequence of instructions are potential goal sets.


Activities such as off-campus work at Your Pie, Milton Library, Autumn Hills Nursery and on-campus through a weekly coffee cart, landscaping, carwash, and administrative tasks are some of the options utilized for the Compass program.

Educational Preparation

Also offered is educational preparation for students who are planning to continue in a post-secondary program following graduation with a Jacob’s Ladder diploma. We build a customized educational plan factoring in the requirements of the identified educational institution and goals of the student and parents in order to optimize greatest possible success.


Additional Experiences For Your Child's Growth

Along with our four environments, we offer a variety of experiences to encourage neural growth so that children can reach their full potential. Experiences include music therapy, art therapy, summer camps, animal assisted therapy, neurofeedback, and integrated listening systems. 


Let's discuss if Compass Beyond is a good fit for you child.