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Financial Aid


SB-10 (Georgia Special Needs Scholarship), Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO's), private insurance, the NOW/COMP waivers and outside scholarships are financial assistance options available to help with the cost of tuition at Jacob's Ladder. Partial and minimal scholarships may also be available. Please contact the admissions department with any questions regarding the application process. The application's are available annually in April and all scholarship awards will be made in June. Families are selected on a case by case basis. For more information, please contact the Director of Admissions, Jaclyn Rhodes or our Admissions Coordinator at 770-998-1017.

SB-10 (Georgia Special Needs Scholarship)

SB-10 (also known as the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship) is a program that allows children to transfer from a public school to an SB-10 approved private school. Eligibility is determined by the satisfaction of several requirements including but not limited to: the student has spent the previous year in public school (Kindergarten and up - not Pre K) with a current IEP in both October and March. The scholarship amount is equivalent to the amount that the state would have spent on the child in public school based on services received per the IEP. We have had children receive SB-10 scholarships from $3,400 to $11,630 (as the total amount received for the year). The scholarship is paid in 4 equal payments in October, January, March and May (payment months may vary slightly).

Parents can find out the scholarship amount that their child is eligible for by entering some basic information about their child into the "Scholarship Calculator" on the DOE website. The scholarship calculator is only available for 2 to 3 months of the year. Parents must print the Scholarship Calculator and make several copies (one for their records and one for Jacob's Ladder). Parents also need to submit their child's GTID (Georgia Testing Identifier) to Jacob's Ladder. The GTID can be found on the CRCT report. Parents cannot transfer their child from a public school to an SB-10 approved school after the DOE deadline. The child must be enrolled in Jacob's Ladder by the DOE deadline (and satisfy all applicable SB-10 criteria) to be eligible to receive SB-10 funds for the school year. The DOE may reduce the scholarship amount or change scholarship delivery date. Please contact Jacob's Ladder for the DOE deadline.

Please see the DOE website for more information:

GOAL Student Scholarship Organization (SSO)

Jacob’s Ladder is a proud partner of the Georgia GOAL Scholarship program (GOAL SSO).

The state of Georgia offers a 100% income tax credit in exchange for contributions made to Student Scholarship Organizations. Important to us and our community, these contributions may be designated to provide financial aid for eligible students attending Jacob’s Ladder.

The law which was passed in 2008, provides for the creation of student scholarship organizations (SSOs) to which Georgia individual and corporate taxpayers can contribute in exchange for a state income tax credit and possible federal charitable income tax deduction. The SSOs use the contributions to award scholarships to students from K-12 public schools so that they can attend the private schools chosen by their parents. Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc. was the first SSO to be recognized by the Georgia Department of Education.

You can make a contribution to an SSO to receive a state tax credit and your contribution can also be utilized as a charitable contribution deduction on your federal return. You can learn more about SSO’s at the Georgia Department of Education website:

All GA businesses can contribute up to 75% of their tax liability to an SSO to be used as scholarships. You can make a contribution to an SSO to receive a state tax credit and your contribution can also be utilized as a charitable contribution deduction on your federal return

This is a wonderful program and we highly encourage getting involved and sharing with your family and friends. There are many time sensitive deadlines associated with this program so please let our admissions team know if you have any questions after reviewing the website:

Private Insurance

Jacob’s Ladder can bill private insurance for many of our services that take place with our Licensed Service Providers (OT, PT, SLP, or Mental Health). The amount of coverage for each child varies greatly by insurance company, individual plan and benefits. Jacob’s Ladder is happy to call your insurance company to find out if you have benefits that apply to some of our services. Please fill out the appropriate insurance paperwork and submit it to us with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card and your driver’s license. We will inform you of the applicable benefits and you can then let us know if you choose to apply those benefits at Jacob’s Ladder.

Medicaid (Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver)

Jacob’s Ladder currently does not accept the deeming waiver.

NOW & COMP Waivers

The Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities has information regarding the New Options Waiver (the NOW Waiver) and the Comprehensive Supports Waiver Application (the Comp waiver).

Jacob’s Ladder can bill up to 6 hours per day under Community Access and Behavioral Services.

Additional Information (Please confirm the following information with the Georgia DBHDD as policies change often):

  • Must have Medicaid first (either Katie Beckett or adult Medicaid) to be eligible for
  • NOW/COMP Waiver
  • The only difference between NOW and COMP is the amount of money. This is money to be used for services related to the disability that are not covered by Medicaid. But it uses

Medicaid money. (Behavior support (ABA), Community Access (includes RPM), respite,

parent training, wheelchair accommodations at home or car,…)

  • Unlike Medicaid itself, these waivers are not an entitlement (you are not guaranteed it,

even if you qualify). You must go on the waiting list until a “slot” becomes available,

either by someone else coming off a slot, or more slots being approved by the state

legislature (“Unlock the Waiting List” advocates for this)

  • Once you have a slot you are guaranteed a certain your budget that they set every year.
  • It’s very difficult to get an increased budget. This may occur when there is a major change in

living/home situation, health situation or aging out of school.

What do they cover:

  • Respite
  • ABA
  • Behavior support
  • Community Access Support (Camps, RPM)
  • Community Living Support (must be First Aid Certified, Home Support RPM,
  • home therapies)
  • Natural Supports Training (NST Funding to pay for unpaid support people [usually family] to be trained [e.g., workshops])
  • Can use Agency* or Self Direct to manage your services
  • Vendor (Company/EIN)
  • Employees (hired personally)

*Agencies include GCSS (Georgia Community Support and Solutions) or AADD (All About Developmental Disabilities

If you do not have a NOW or Comp waiver, the above agencies can still help you access “Autism Family Support Funding”. The application links are below:!howtoapply/cuzc

Please see the following website for more information: