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Our Mission


Jacob's Ladder believes that great potential lies within each child, regardless of diagnosis. We have built a school that serves and educates children utilizing an intensive array of interventions, helping each child maximize that potential.

Our mission is clear, and our promise is steadfast -

We believe that every brain is capable of new growth and change.

No matter what the condition or diagnosis given we know that the brain can change based on the input and stimulation it receives.

Our job is to provide that intense interaction and stimulation - consistently and daily.

Our mission is to believe in the potential of each child who enters our doors, while readily and lovingly expressing that belief.

That is who we are.

Our core values are:

- HOPE is a cherished trust in transformation and a life lived through possibilities.
- TRUTH is integrity in action, character and speech based on what is accurate and honest.
- LOVE always HOPES and perseveres, regardless of circumstances and is a choice we make to value and honor another with our actions.