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Our leadership, staff, and instructors all embrace our core values of hope, truth, and love, creating a connected community that encourages the growth and development of our clients while supporting their families. The Jacob’s Ladder team is highly educated, qualified, and specially trained in our Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care. We are committed to creating loving environments where clients find joy in developing their abilities.

We effectively partner with mental and physical health professionals and complementary educational and therapeutic teams. This ensures caring continuity across all aspects of our clients' lives.

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Amy O'Dell, M.Ed., LPC, TRS, CNC, IWBMC-CE

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Amy is a licensed professional counselor with extensive training in neurodevelopmental processes and is certified as a neurodevelopmental consultant. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Activity Therapy and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Clemson University. She has worked in a wide variety of clinical settings, including Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta, and Woodridge Psychiatric Hospital in Clayton, Georgia, where she served as director of activity therapy and director of adolescent psychiatric services.  She is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in the field of education and rehabilitation for individuals with neurodevelopmental challenges.

“I firmly believe that the human body, mind, and soul will move toward healing if given what is truly needed. Today, my son Jacob is a thriving 28-year-old educator at our school bearing his name, profoundly gifted in helping individuals who face difficulties similar to his. My family moved from darkness to light; from fear to hope. Through our work at Jacob’s Ladder, I have witnessed dramatic transformations in thousands of children and young adults that enabled their families to do the same.”


David Henriksen


David was the President and CEO of Giving Company where he led the company to a successful exit while also helping the Company meet its philanthropic goals of providing numerous water points in Africa and helping rescue girls from human trafficking. He is passionate about combining successful business ventures with a commitment to giving and serving the marginalized around the world. Prior to joining Giving Company in 2015, David served as President and CEO of Nextech Systems, President of Healthcare Information Solutions at Carestream Health, Senior Vice President/General Manager at McKesson Corporation, and Vice President/General Manager at General Electric Healthcare. David earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and holds an MBA from the J.L.Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University with concentrations in Marketing, Finance, and International Business.  David is also an Operating Partner with Ridgepeak Partners in Austin, TX and currently serves on the Board of Directors of ChiroHD, DevSuccess.com, Revelation Media, and Para.Mar Dance Theatre.

“I wanted to work with Jacob’s Ladder to help members of the neurodiverse community and their loved ones experience the fullness of life.  It is my sincere desire to see Jacob’s Ladder reach clients across the globe with our methodology, expertise, and technology.”

04 - Allegra Saunders

Allegra Saunders, IWBMC-CE

Chief Digital Strategy and Training Officer

Allegra leads the clinical team and has primary responsibility for completing the global initial assessment and treatment plan development. She is a Certified Clinician in the Jacob’s Ladder Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care and is a Dialectal Behavioral Therapy Professional trained in providing Trauma-Informed Care. She completed her undergraduate work at Florida State University. Her extensive certifications and training include Advanced TheraSuit Method, Integrated Listening Systems, and Quantum Reflex Integration.

 “One of my favorite things that I get to do at Jacob’s Ladder is support families through the Initial Evaluation process. We take the time to assess and understand each individual’s unique circumstances and are able to provide a deeper understanding of each client’s true needs, as well as an individualized plan for addressing their primary goals through a comprehensive plan of care.”

Brent Young RET sq

Brent Young

Chief Finance Officer

Brent holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management and a Master of Business Administration with a Finance Concentration from Georgia State University. He has been a financial leader for over 20 years with companies such as WebMD and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services. His experience includes financial leadership, budget management, mergers & acquisitions, organizational restructuring, and financial & strategic planning both nationally and internationally.

“I was drawn to Jacob’s Ladder after learning from Amy O’Dell her long-term vision for the program. I was seeking to leave the corporate work environment for an opportunity that would satisfy my desire to work for good. Very quickly I concluded that Jacob’s Ladder would more than fulfill that desire for me.”

30 - Evan Feldman

Evan Henderson, IWBMC-CE

Director of Staff Management

Evan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University. She is trained and certified in the Therasuit Method and the Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) method, and has extensive experience utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis interventions while working with children with Autism and emotional-behavioral-relational challenges. She is also a Certified Clinician in the Jacob’s Ladder Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care.

“What continues to draw me to Jacob’s Ladder to this day is how that same story of perseverance, vulnerability, the desire to remain intentional and faithful to the call, and the power of transformation continue to be ever-present on this campus”.

76 - Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith, IWBMC-CE

Director of Compass & Ladder

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Development with dual concentration in Child Life and Child Development from Georgia Southern University. She gained extensive clinical experience in multiple settings including the Child Development Center, Memorial Health, and completed a Child Life Practicum at Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital. Her certifications include Child Life, Integrated Listening Systems, and TheraSuit Method. She is also a Certified Clinician in the Jacob’s Ladder Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care.

“My role at Jacob’s Ladder allows me to daily help others and serve those in need of support. I have the opportunity to meet a lot of our students and families at one of the first moments they step onto our campus, often at their most vulnerable, and provide them with a clear path forward and hope in the possibility of change and untapped potential.”

Aubry Y.

Aubry York, IWBMC-CE

Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer

Aubry holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Communication from Kennesaw State University and is a Certified Nursing Assistant. She is trained as an Animal Assisted Activity Provider. She has extensive experience in Neurofeedback, EEG recording and Brain Mapping, along with Mental Health and Integrative Nutrition. She is also a Certified Clinician in the Jacob’s Ladder Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care.

 “I was drawn to work at Jacob’s Ladder because of the mission, life-changing services, and support we offer. As Jacob’s sister and Amy’s daughter, I have found my place as a sibling in our family dynamic and know how challenging that can be for an individual (the sibling) because, understandably, so much attention and support must be channeled to the child or person in need. From my own personal experience, I hope to encourage and inspire healing for not only the client or student who comes to Jacob’s Ladder, but also for the sibling(s) and their entire family.”

445 - Cathy LaClaire

Cathy LaClaire

Cathy holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Florida State University. She has over 20 years of experience and success creating and executing effective fundraising and communications programs for nonprofit organizations. During her career, she has worked primarily with independent schools, leading the strategic direction of philanthropic programs including annual giving, major gifts, and capital campaigns. Cathy’s work in communications and marketing has focused on building brand awareness through internal and external marketing strategies.

246 - Ashley Likes

Ashley Likes, IWBMC-CE

Ashley oversees student care for the Ladder Program and holds a Bachelor in Exercise Science from Georgia College and State University. She completes training and onboarding for all new staff at Jacob’s Ladder. She has a longstanding passion for working with individuals with neurodevelopmental needs. She is also a Certified Clinician in the Jacob’s Ladder Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care.  

“What I love the most about each day, is walking out our firm and steadfast mission: believing every brain is capable of change. This is how we help every person recognize their own cherished, extraordinary, and unrepeatable potential from within—the path of hope lies before them, and we have the privilege to walk hand in hand with our students.”

67 - Oscar Mendez

Oscar Mendez, IWBMC-CE

Oscar holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Kennesaw State University with a minor in research analytics. He has worked at Jacob’s Ladder for 7 years and is a certified Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Trainer.  He is on the Digitization Team working alongside our Software Development Team for the customized buildout of the AHAVA Digital Platform. He is also a Certified Clinician in the Jacob’s Ladder Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care.

"My favorite experience at Jacob’s Ladder has been watching the growth and transformation of this school over the past seven years. When I started, we had one campus with around 40 teachers and now we have two campuses and over a hundred teachers, giving us the opportunity not only to help more families in the community but across the globe.”

“What I love the most about each day, is walking out our firm and steadfast mission: believing every brain is capable of change. This is how we help every person recognize their own cherished, extraordinary, and unrepeatable potential from within—the path of hope lies before them, and we have the privilege to walk hand in hand with our students.”

Jaclyn R.

Jaclyn Rhodes, IWBMC-CE

Chief Operating Officer 

Jaclyn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Chapman University and a Master of Art in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Argosy University. She brings over 15 years’ experience in Human Resources and Management to the organization and has been at Jacob’s Ladder for 13 years. In her role as Director of Operations she oversees Human Resources, Marketing, Admissions, and Development.

“When I found Jacob’s Ladder, I was searching for purpose - something to fill my soul with meaning and passion. I stand in awe and wonder of the work that I get to witness every day, not only of the transformation of the kids but the transformation of the staff as well. This mission is more than just educating children – it is a place of healing for all people.”

Katrina Huels

Chief Human Resources and Compliance Officer

Katrina received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Tampa, where she earned the unique opportunity to study Learning, Memory, and Cognition at Oxford University (New College). She received a graduate degree in Psychology and Mental Health from Oxford Brookes University. While serving as a Lead Teacher for students with special needs in Cobb County, she earned her Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership. Katrina’s work and service to students with special needs spans over two decades. Before joining the Jacob’s Ladder Team, she served students and staff in a leadership capacity for fourteen years in a specialized program for students with autism and emotional-behavioral disorders. She is certified in FBA/BIP Train the Trainer and has extensive experience with Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Modification, and de-escalation strategies.

28 - Ericka Cooper

Ericka Cooper, IWBMC-CE

Director of Hope School

Ericka holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the College of Charleston. She is in her 10th year at Jacob’s Ladder and is certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, and is a certified Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Trainer. Ericka uses her extensive Applied Behavioral Analysis background combined with her knowledge in the Jacob’s Ladder Methodology to design treatment plans for in-home wraparound services. She is also a Certified Clinician in the Jacob’s Ladder Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care.

“Providing wrap around support and education to families is an area of passion for me, as it is paramount for the success of both the students we serve and their family dynamic as a whole, especially within the Hope School program.”

JL 2023-201

Megan Finnegan, IWBMC-CE

Director of Academic Programming and Compass Outreach

Megan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Marian University Indianapolis and is a Licensed Learning Behavior Specialist with graduate course work and additional certifications in Special Education and Secondary Education.  She brings over 19 years of extensive academic experience to Jacob’s Ladder. She is also a Certified Clinician in the Jacob’s Ladder Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care.

“I was drawn to work at Jacob’s Ladder because of their commitment to pursuing each child’s full potential. Knowing and understanding how a child takes in new information- and what we can do to maximize that on an individual basis is the ultimate reward.”

151 - Sarah Cannon

Sarah Cannon, IWBMC-CE

Director of Buckhead Campus

Sarah graduated from Georgia College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health and Psychology and is a Certified Clinician in the Jacob’s Ladder Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care. She interned with Make A Wish Georgia, is Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) certified, and has extensive experience working individually with children experiencing ADHD and learning difficulties. 

"I was originally drawn to work at Jacob’s Ladder because of the atmosphere where hope and love truly reside. The staff are committed to serving whole-heartedly and the support that both staff and students feel is unmatched.”

Student Care & Administration

105 - Adrienne Achille

Adrienne Achille, LPC, IWBMC-CP

Mental Health Therapist

378 - Abby Williamson

Abby Williamson, IWBMC-CP

336 - Ayana Van Dyke

Ayana Van Dyke, IWBMC-CE

Client Program Specialist

408 - Barrett Stanford

Barrett Stanford, IWBMC-CP

Extra-Curriculars Oversight

230 - Corey Barbre

Corey Barbre, IWBMC-CP

Compass Pod Lead

330 - Ema Rainwater

Emalyn Rainwater, IWBMC-CE

402 - Esther Waithaka

Esther Griffin, IWBMC-CE

Client Floor Support Specialist

225 - Hunter Cooper

Hunter Cooper, IWBMC-CE

Isabella Lowery

Isabella Lowery


Jacob Wuttke, IWBMC-CE

159 - Janie Pickett

Janie Pickett, IWBMC-CE

424 - Jen Stowell

Jen Stowell, IWBMC-CP

323 - Kalin Bagwell

Kalin Turnipseed, IWBMC-CE

388 - Kathy Milans

Kathy Milans

46 - Katie Cagle

Katie Cagle, IWBMC-CE

Kim B

Kim Berry

Program Services Administrator

53 - Leighton Persell

Leighton Persell, CAATP, IWBMC-CP

Senior Provider and Hope School Floater

380 -Lindsey Craven

Lindsey Craven, IWBMC-CP

Ladder Provider and iLs Support

143 - Lisa Parish

Lisa Parish, IWBMC-CP

Hope School Group Lead 

303 - Madeline Rogers

Madeline Rogers, IWBMC-CP

Hope School Group Lead 

Megan Mclaughlin

Megan McLaughlin, IWBMC-CE

Community of Care Client Program Specialist

Michele S

Michele Soteres

Front Office Administrator

283 - Rebecca Hart

Rebecca Hart, IWBMC-CE

144 - Sam Reynolds

Sam Reynolds, IWBMC-CP

423 - Sarah Eades

Sarah Jenkins-Eades, IWBMC-CE

77 - Shona Hurt

Shona Hurt, BCN, IWBMC-CP

344 - Stephanie Strong

Stephanie Strong, IWBMC-CP

Tricia S

Tricia Simonds

Registered Dietitian

84 - Victoria Bishop

Vicki Hutto, IWBMC-CP

Compass Pod Lead

Our Staff

331 - Adam O'Brien

Adam O'Brien

Alan Rodriguez Rios

Neurodevelopmental Provider

Jacobs Ladder portraits-50

Alexis Moody

Neurodevelopmental Provider

465 - Anna Hyde

Anna Hyde, IWBMC-CP

Jacobs Ladder portraits-51

Anne Healy

Neurodevelopmental Provider

432 - Andrew Vilar

Andrew Vilar, IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider


Ava Sanford

Neurodevelopmental Provider

JL 2023-37

Bailey McNeir

Neurodevelopmental Provider


Barron Shiel

Neurodevelopmental Provider

436 - Becca Dideum

Becca Dideum IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

331 - Bradi Jorda

Bradi Jorda IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

12 - MacDonnell, Brian

Brian MacDonell

Animal Care Team

Jacobs Ladder portraits-39

Caroline Wood

Carol Atwood

Carol Atwood

Jacobs Ladder portraits-46

Carlyn Yeatts

458 - Catalina De Los Rios

Catalina De Los Rios IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

Harley, Chuck

Chuck Harley

Facilities Team

440 - Courtney Martin

Courtney Martin IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

448 - Darren Parkinson

Darren Parkinson IWBMC-CP

Ella Newbern

232 - Elaine Horii

Elaine Horri

Fran Anderson-Schuler

JL 2023-204

Harry Harvin IWBMC-CP

JL 2023-247

Jordyn Bronner

Jacobs Ladder portraits-35

Jacob Shoemake

Jacobs Ladder portraits-38

Jeanne Stewart

JL 2023-195

Jacqueline Christophe-Baker, IWBMC-CP

JL 2023-200

Julie Flemming, IWBMC-CP

330 - Jessica Fisher

Jessica Fisher, IWBMC-CP


Jubilee Conklin

413 - Julianna Novellino

Juliana Novellino

JL 2023-203

Kate Burgess, IWBMC-CP

48 - Katie Wisnewski

Katie Wisnewski, IWBMC-CP

Jacobs Ladder portraits-37

Kendra Yade

JL 2023-248

Kim Wainwright

Jacobs Ladder portraits-49

Laura Nunez

274 - Madison Scott

Madison Scott, IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

446 - Malika Jooma

Malika Jooma, IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

Jacobs Ladder portraits-44

Mallory McDonald

Neurodevelopmental Provider

336 - Mary Kate Sullivan

Mary Kate Sullivan, IWBMC-CP

453 -Matava Strang

Matava Strang, IWBMC-CP

Maureen Halvorsen

Maureen Halvorsen


Maxine Witteveen, IWBMC-CP

439 - Michaela Dailey

Michaela Dailey, IWBMC-CP

JL 2023-168

Mike Grant, IWBMC-CP

456 - Mitch Kiley

Mitch Kiley, IWBMC-CP

433 - Morgan Sanford

Morgan Sanford, IWBMC-CP

Jacobs Ladder portraits-36

Natalie Thornton

461 - Olivia Lowe

Olivia Lowe IWBMC-CP


Olivia Patterson

Paul Bonner

Paul Bourlet

JL 2023-199

Patricia Sison

JL 2023-246

Reilly Mesaros, IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

441 - Shaunique Jones

Shaunique Jones, IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

449 - Sara Ruesseler

Sara Ruesseler, IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

455 - Serena Brooks

Serena Brooks IWBMC-CP

Neurodevelopmental Provider

249 - Shelby McMichael

Shelby McMichael, IWBMC-CP

311 - Stephanie Leland

Stephanie Leland, IWBMC-CP

444 - Thomas Stuart

Thomas Stuart, IWBMC-CP

Tyger German

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