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Jacob's Ladder utilizes a brain-based methodology built on the knowledge that the brain changes, develops and grows based on the stimulation it receives.

While brain mapping, functional MRI's and Spec Scans show current brain activity, so does a child's functional output. Every child has a specific set of strengths and weaknesses. Jacob's Ladder methodology examines this by conducting a functional analysis of output in areas such as cognition, language, fine motor and gross motor knowing that these levels are only as strong as the system is able to receive, process, store and utilize incoming sensory information.

Our goal is to provide stimulation at the point of challenge and to do so with adequate frequency, intensity and duration in order for the brain to realize this incoming information on a consistent basis; thereby growth and change are created which leads to learning.

Our program is different because our design allows us to be that specific, our intensity allows the child to always be stimulated educationally at challenge level, and programs are changed to reflect that new growth. The program is not skill centered but addresses the foundations of learning; as a result, a balanced and organized system is created that can more easily process, store and utilize information.

There are only so many waking hours in each day. How that time is utilized determines how that child's brain develops and, thus, the level of functioning gained and the quality of life achieved. It is our mission to deliver the most intensive interventions possible.