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The Brain's Ability To Change

Led by Founding Director, Amy O’Dell, “The Brain’s Ability to Change” takes you on the journey of Jacob’s Ladder. Starting from when Amy O’Dell began looking into the current neuroscience research to address the needs of her own son, and following the growth over the past 18 years, this seminar provides you with a glance into the foundation of Jacob’s Ladder.

“The Brain’s Ability to Change” walks you through the 4 Dynamics of the Jacob’s Ladder Methodology through the lens of neuroplasticity. This seminar includes a comprehensive overview of the 6 channels of the Neurodevelopmental Dynamic, the relationship between neurological structure and function, how physiology plays an integral role in overall cognitive functioning, and addresses the question of the interplay between social, behavioral, and emotional regulation.

“The Brain’s Ability to Change” explains how the Jacob’s Ladder Methodology is implemented and is recommended for all families enrolled in Jacob’s Ladder programming or for those who are interested in learning more about who we are.

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