Why We are Here:
Our Mission, Vision, and Core Value

Transforming Lives Through Hope And Healing To Achieve True Potential.


  • To bring HOPE, Healing, and Transformation to those who are physically, mentally, or spiritually wounded.

Through our Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care, we strive to choose hope, truth, and love in every moment of the day.

  • In choosing hope, we move in strength and confidence towards others. We inspire others to cultivate words that are positive and grateful.
  • In truth, we discover the purpose of love. We hold tight to truth while embracing the truth of the difficulties we all face.
  • In love, we view and value others as worthy. We live and love from the inside out.


  • To change the conversation from the impossible to the possible

Science may keep you here longer, but it won’t make the time worthwhile. Science helps put together some of the pieces. It is merely the technique while soul love is the power and force which ignites healing and transformation. It is when both science and love are combined in perfect balance that transformation is possible.

Hope, Truth, Love

Our core values speak volumes about our approach to growth and learning.
On behalf of your child we are committed to acting with integrity, persevering in
all circumstances, and honoring their possibilities and potential alongside you.
special needs hope

HOPE: We TRUST that transformation is possible

special needs truth

TRUTH: We CHOOSE to live with integrity

special needs love

LOVE: We PERSEVERE with love and honor for others

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"Hope is a sustaining, motivating, and healing force in the lives of those touched by special needs, and the people of Jacob's Ladder provide it in abundance."

– A Hope School Parent

A Different Outcome is Possible for Special Needs Children

Jacob’s Ladder is unique among educational and therapeutic centers serving special needs children and young adults. From the Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care built upon the scientific principles of neuroplasticity to individualized, intensive programs delivered by highly trained staff in safe, loving environments, we harness the extraordinary ability of the brain to heal and develop new capacity. The word “impossible” does not exist at Jacob’s Ladder. Visit us to see how our students regularly achieve breakthroughs.

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Jacob's Ladder School & Therapy Centers
Roswell (Main Campus) & Atlanta (Buckhead)
407 Hardscrabble Road
Roswell, Georgia 30075

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