Our mission is:

  • to believe in the potential that lies within every student and their family, 

  • to express that belief through our Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care delivered within a framework of Hope, Truth, and Love,  

  • and to encourage and empower the global special needs community through research, training, certification, and licensure.     

Our mission is clear and our promise is steadfast. We believe that every brain is capable of new growth and change. No matter what the condition or diagnosis given, we know that the brain can change based on the input and stimulation it receives. Our job is to provide that intense interaction and stimulation - daily and consistently.

That is who we are.



We envision a world in which:

  • every student and their family has access to the individualized array of interventions necessary for them to thrive, 

  • interventions are delivered in a way that offers convenience for families, ensures continuity of care for students, and creates integrity across all areas of life,

  • the power of neuroplasticity - the proven reality that every brain is capable of new growth and change based on the input and stimulation it receives - is acknowledged without exception and pursued with strategic abandon,

  • students in a chronic sympathetic nervous system state - fight-or-flight, survival mode - are provided with a safe, loving, trauma-informed environment in which they can experience healing, wholeness, and a sense of belonging, 

  • students regularly reach accomplishments once thought impossible, leading to the certain hope that overcoming challenges and pursuing passion and purpose are things we are all intentionally designed to experience,

  • families are given perpetual permission and occasion to celebrate their children for exactly who they are, and are simultaneously given the tools and support required to strive towards who they are becoming,

  • a beautiful life is not seen as something to be experienced in the future only once a certain level of progress is achieved, but rather something to be grasped hold of and experienced here and now. 

Core Values


Hope is a cherished trust in transformation and a life lived through possibilities. 


Truth is integrity in action, character, and speech based on what is accurate and honest.


Love always hopes and perseveres, regardless of circumstances, and is a choice we make to value and honor one another with our actions.