Learning Differences

The Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care
and Learning Differences

The Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care helps clients develop new neural pathways that strengthen and improve communication between areas of the brain typically affected in clients with learning differences. These include the brain regions responsible for sensory motor work, goal-directed behavior, and word recognition and comprehension.

Clients who want to succeed in school and try as hard as possible become defeated when asked to "try harder." Attention and focus issues, handwriting difficulties, word decoding, and reading comprehension challenges can’t be resolved by practicing more often. These challenges have specific root neurodevelopmental causes that can be addressed with the right intervention model and frequency.


Diagnoses We See

Learning Differences

Our Interpersonal Whole-Brain Model of Care helps clients with learning differences reach their full potential by creating the right neural pathways. We serve clients with various diagnoses, including:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Learning Delays
Environments for Clients with Learning Differences

Evaluation. Assessment. Individualized Plans.

Each client receives a comprehensive evaluation of their neurodevelopment, physiological health, learning style, and emotional, behavioral, and relational balance. The evaluation includes a global neurodevelopmental assessment unique to Jacob's Ladder of over 1,300 metrics. In addition, we conduct a comprehensive academic assessment, a nutritional consultation, and a qEEG brain map to determine regions of the brain that are struggling to communicate.

Based on the evaluation, each client receives a model of care tailored to their academic and therapeutic needs. This way, the right neural pathways can develop and help clients reach their full potential.


A Caring Community of Support

With wrap-around support from our team of educators, therapists, and families, we create a compassionate community that sets our clients up for success.


Learning Beyond the Classroom

Our clients learn in a variety of ways. From integrated academics that enable the study of a single topic across many disciplines to building focus and attention by growing gardens and nurturing our resident animals.

Find Out How We Help Clients Overcome Learning Differences

Scientifically Sound Approaches Delivered in Safe, Loving Environments

A better functioning brain helps children and young adults overcome learning differences. Delivering appropriate interventions in effective ways helps clients make tremendous academic, functional, and neurodevelopmental gains.

Learn how we help children and young adults build a strong foundation to improve reading, writing, math, and attention skills.

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