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Full Time School Placement

Jacob’s Ladder offers a very unique education setting for students pre-K through 12th grade with a wide range of neurodevelopmental, genetic, or cognitive disorders.

Using a methodology that is grounded in neuroscience and incorporating targeted neurodevelopmental interventions, we are able to create a solid foundation for learning. Students enrolled on a full-time basis, 20 hours per week or more, in a one-on-one setting or in a group learning environment, receive a program that combines a vigorous academic plan with innovative therapeutic interventions and creative endeavors.

Students enrolled in a one-one setting will focus on their individualized neurodevelopmental program within a 1:1 teaching model. Activities designed to develop skills in the areas of fine motor, gross motor, language, and academics, with emphasis on integrating tactile, visual, auditory, and vestibular information in an organized way are all delivered by teachers who are wholly committed to the growth and well-being of our students. Dependent on level of social or academic functioning, one-on-one students may be able to participate in specific activities within a group learning environment throughout the day.

Our group learning environments incorporate one-on-one instruction with a more traditional group setting for students from elementary through high school levels. In additional to completing their individualized neurodevelopmental and academic program, students in the group learning environments participate in running program, art, music, animal assisted therapy, as well as various outdoor experiential activities with peers; all of which provide rich opportunities for social, emotional, and academic growth. Selection criteria for participation in a Group Learning Environment is based on level of self-help skills, social/emotional goals, and academic level.