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Group Learning Environments

At Jacob's Ladder
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Group Learning Environments

We have established four learning environment levels – or "Group Learning Environments" - outside of the 1:1 teacher-student model that all students begin when entering Jacob's Ladder. We refer to these group schools as “Learning Environments”, and designate them by number. The groups are based on goals and capabilities, and in some cases age.

Learning Environment 1 (LE1) takes those students who are in the one-to-one Jacob's Ladder Therapeutic Model, and moves them out of their individual cubbies and into a classroom together. Many of these students are still working on neurodevelopmental goals and have just begun pre-academic work. They still have their one-to-one teacher-student pairing, but benefit from being in a group with other students and teachers, although social interactions may require prompting and modeling. They have some limited group activities and opportunities to socialize.

The LE2 and LE3 groups mix in a student to teacher ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 and the amount of time spent in group activities is increased within a more rigorous academically focused group.

In LE3, where most students are middle school or high school age, in addition to academics, there is a greater emphasis on independent life skills and personal management. The Group Learning Environment students take some field trips, which are expanded opportunities for project-based learning and socialization. Whether in a one-to-one setting or in a Group Learning Environment, all students participate in thematic project-based learning. This is expanded on in the Group Learning Environment settings where it is conducive to focusing on a topic for a full week or two, lending itself to group projects.

Each student has an opportunity to participate in our experiential services which includes music therapy, therapeutic animal facilitation, art & drumming, and more!