Listen to Amy on Crazy Good Turns

Grab a cup of coffee, and sit down with our founder, Amy, as she joins former Home Depot CEO, Frank Blake, on his podcast Crazy Good Turns to share the Jacob’s Ladder story.

In this edition titled “Turning Obstacles into Joy and Hope,” Amy shares how when medical experts wrote off her infant son, Jacob, she turned that frustration into action, dedicating her life to helping him, and in the process, ended up serving thousands of others with similar stories.

As Jacob’s Ladder celebrates its 25th anniversary, there’s no better way to commemorate the milestone than a journey through its history and what the future holds.


“When this journey with my son, Jacob, started, I didn't foresee the impact it would have today.  As Jacob’s Ladder celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, we are honored to have helped provide hope and healing to over 4,000 people and stand ready to make a global impact to help even more,” said Amy, O’Dell, founder, Jacob’s Ladder.